Indigenous Community Economic Empowerment Project


2. Indigenous Community Economic Empowerment Project (ICEEP)
2.1 Agricultural Cooperative Development Project

  •  Official recognition as a legal entity from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Agriculture Cooperative (ACs) have their own office with adequate equipment to work
  • Producer groups are functional and operating their businesses
  • Shareholders are satisfied with profits from AC businesses
  • Agriculture Cooperative (ACs) ACs have business plans in place
  • Agriculture Cooperative (ACs) AC committees have sufficient capacity for leadership, management and marketing.
  • ICSO targets at least 3 IPOs for AC development
  • ACs receive strong support from relevant ministries like MAFF, MRD, and MOWA

2.2 WASH (health & water sanitation) and Child Education and Labor Protect Project

  • IPO committees have selected and trained volunteers to work with WASH
  • WASH and child education concepts will receive support from relevant stakeholders (i.e. NGOs, donors, and government)
  • IP villagers and IPO committee members have changed their perception, attitudes, and practices
  • with WASH/nutrition and child education through kindergarten and pre-school programs
  • IPOs have improved access to clean water
  • ICSO will select IPOs to pilot this initiative